Friday, January 24, 2014

Sale Sale Sale

Hey authors! We're having a sale from now until the end of the weekend! 

Any Pre-Made Cover, get $5 off! Check out what Pre-mades are available on our Facebook page! 
N K Author Services

Book your online Giveaway Event with us and save $10! 
Want to throw an event? Need help running it? It's now $20 if booked this weekend, you may schedule it for a date in the future! I'll throw a 4 hour event for you. I'll create, and give you links to share around and involve your friends and family, as well as my fans! I run all games and contests. Give me a list, and photos of prizes you have up for grabs. I'll also find a few other authors willing to donate some prizes if needed (Not enough for the whole event). Please be aware, you are expected to participate and say hello to the fans. We recommend having 12-15 prizes and then 1 Grand Prize. 

Our Full Benefits Package is on sale for $75! That's a $20 savings!!! 
Includes: Book Trailer Video, 1 Month Highlight package, 1 month sidebar package, 4 hour event party at the end of your month highlighting you. Fans will win enter grand drawing to win your signed books by purchasing the highlighted book. I will gather a few donations from other authors as prizes for games to play during event. If bought separately, these would total $135. You're basically getting the Book Trailer free! (You are expected to have at least 12 prizes and the Grand Prize to put up for your event.)

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