Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to School Sale


Hey authors! Sure, the kids get all the good sales on back to school, but now it's your time! N K Author Services is offering some great deals on promo for the fall!
Get our VIP Package for 50% off!
This includes a 1 month blog tour, 1 month blog ad, thunderclap campaign, teaser and banner design, as well as a full day facebook event!
You can grab our 1 Week blog tour and save $10 off the amount!
Also, if you're just looking for some release day fun, grab our full day facebook event and invite your friends! Have a big party with lots of visiting authors while focusing on promoting you and your release! This is 50% off!!
These are great deals, don't miss out!
As always, you can check out under the tours and blitzes tab for more information on any of our packages.
We also have a facebook page
And you can always email me.
We look forward to helping make your new release a success.

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